leaky-faucetAre you tired of standing in inches of water while taking a shower? Terrified from the sink that doesn’t drain? Having some rough time with backed up sewer pipes? If you are facing any of these issues, then it’s time to call a plumber that is specialized in rooter service.

All the problems mentioned above are of serious nature and need to be resolved instantly. Stagnant water doesn’t just smell bad, but it is also very bad for your building’s structure. 

When you face full clogged pipes, why settle for temporary fixes like getting a sewer opening acid. You can get momentary relief from the issue, but actually you are pouring your money down the pipe.

Professional help is must if you need a permanent solution and don’t want to waste any more money. Rooter service may look costly, but actually it saves you a lot of money in the long run. Don’t just count the bottles of acid you buy, but also consider the cost of cleaning damaged carpets and repair of furniture & fixtures. 

With professional plumbing contractors, rooter service becomes absolutely safe for pipes and more efficient than chemicals at finishing clogs, debris and years old grime that hinders your plumbing. The rooter cuts through debris, and makes it highly efficient in dumping stubborn hair balls and even tree roots. Plumbers have a number of different sized rooters and they pick the appropriate one upon considering size of the pipes to be cleaned. Advanced plumbers may even use a video camera to check whether the blockage has been removed fully or not. Rooter is also referred to as the plumber’s snake. In case the snake is too strong, it can crack, break or even bend sewer pipes. 

sewer-cleaningHaving roots in your pipes is an indication that your sewer pipes have cracks.

Repairing the broken portion of your sewer pipe is extremely important to keep your plumbing in working order. So, if you find a root in your sewer pipe, make sure that your plumber fixes it. Before finalizing a contractor for unclogging your pipes, take a look at the previous projects handled by the plumber.

A well reputed plumber that charges a few dollars extra is a lot better than a rookie. Ask the contractor to take a detailed look at your plumbing and give a quote. Once you get rooter service from an experienced plumber, all your clogging issues shall be long gone and you can use your bathroom sink with ease.

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